Bjd Clothes commission info and condition.

I’m avalieble for commssion of one of a kind items in follwing sizes
Lati yellow (my model is lati vampire lami)
Yo-sd slim(my models are ange ai hani,migidoll emma and sseiren soo)
Lati green (my model is lati green Lea)
Narsha (my model is narsha in french resin)
MSD not slim (my models are Planet doll riz and secretdoll yomo)
MSD SLIM ( my model are unoa 1.5 large bust,lati blue shaina,minisupia yan,dollzone yume old body,dreamingdoll airi,serendipity sharmin and minifee a-line and b-line)
CeriseDoll msd
(my model is Ombre with classic body v1)
Dollchateau msd (my model is doll chateau bella with the k07 body)
SD (my model is a Luts delf Lishe from luts)
I’ve done girl clothes only for years, but I’m planning to start to offer clothes for male as soon as possible.
i have a JID Ryan mobility and I have a SD boy from switch.
I’m not so expert in male fashion…and I really need to practice and find a line of my own!XD

How to order:
you can contact me throug my etsy shop (where I use to sell alll my pre-made garments)
Or through e-mail:
harajukudoll (at)
or you can find me on DOA as kscness
or on Materiel Celeste as kscness

What can I order

I do many many styles of clothes from fantasy to casual.
the only thing you must keep in mind is that the most part of my works are one of a kind…so I cannot reply exactly the same outfit I’ve already made
I also make shoes in msd size… but i can try different size if you need.
I usually work better with few guidlines about your doll personality and colors and general style…i love to create free. but I’ve made some cosplay outfit too.
you can see my whole portfolio here on flickr:

Prices, payments and shipping
It’s not possible for me to set price list, cause all my job is one of a kind.
If you have a project in mind feel free to tell me the budget you want to spend…I’ll make my best to make you happy choosing details and materials to fit your budget( if it’s a reasonable proposal…obviously).
Payment for commission over 50$ is an half at the start of job, and an half when the job is finished and photographed before shipping.
In case of amount under 50$ the payment is unique at the end of the job.
shipping is registerd airmail
for orders under 150$
europe 7$
rest of the world 10$
shipping is free for orders above 150$

for any question feel free to contact me at harajukudoll (at)




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