Harajukudoll Atelier

Hi !! I’m really pleased to meet you!
I’m Flo from Italy,  and this blog is dedicated to my small atelier that is born from the meeting of my two greatest passions: Ball Jointed Doll collecting and create fashion.

As I told before I really love BJD! I’m in collecting dressing photographing them from 2007. Through them I’ve meet a lot of beautiful and creative people and I’ve enjoyed myself a lot! So I can define it a passion more than a hobby!
I sew since when i was a child and when I’ve grewt up i followed a professional course of pattern making and when I discovered those beautiful enchanting dolls for me has been automatic start sew for them.

I’ve an on-line shop that i use for sale my pre-made garments on etsy

A flickr account where you can see all of my creations

And a flickrgroup for my “fans” and for update in my activity

You can contact me

  • on Doa where my nick is kscness
  • on Materiel Celeste where my nick is kscness
  • and on Bjd Italia where my nick is killingsissy

For any info on my works please comments here or if you’re on flickr or on any bjd related forum above contact me there.


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