In this last period of sewing inactivity I’ve made many toughts about my doll family carachters and on one side it helped me a lot distracting me from stress but on the other side it made me feel so frustrated ’cause it was remind me that I was not sewing at all…
One of the doll I’ve started thinking about re-define is my u-noa. I’ve  recived her in 2008 that’s quite long time ago. To be completely honest I’ve bought her for sewing mostly… not because she was one of my favourite girl doll. I’ve always used for her the sleeping plate..cause with her lovely enigmatic smile she was enchanting for me and she inspired me a lot. I’ve named her Lithium.
I’ve started apreciating unoas through the years and now is one of my favourite ones.
HarajukuDoll-thebrideAristocratic Bird-Part two
so i decided to put in box for a while my sleeping beauty and give a chance to the sist default one.
So what to finally do with her?
U-noas in my immagination are usually human girls, with great taste for fashion.
Many year ago I’ve been requested for a casual wardrobe in bo-ho style at DoA and I’ve enjoyed that commission work a lot… the special reason was that during that job I’ve made my first dakota style boots… they were so rough (I’ve worked on them a while before making them how they are actually)
HarajukuDoll  dakota boots for msd
From that commission I’ve learned a lot ( it was 2012)  and created some interesting designs. Next I’ve focused on the boots… but there were many interesting thing done in that job. In following pictures some examples of that previous work.
HarajukuDoll-distressed princesse shortsHarajukudoll Couture 2012harajukuDoll-etnochic tee
So what came to my mind is not why turn her in to a hippie chic girl?
This is how her actual make-up look like
Baciami Piccina
I think it can work good with this style  ❤
So Dakota will be her name, and while working on her I’ll also create a new mini collection for my shop.
I’ll test this style in shop  ’cause there are not many shop offering this style and also i’ve focused on mori too much in my sewing and(even if i like it a lot) I was started to feel boring sewing always mori stuff.
I’ve already done some items for my girl for her personal wardrobe.. but I’ll introduce them in another post next…’ cause this one is already to long!XD And I’ve also started working on shop items. So stay tuned for news ❤