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progress  ❤
I still need to adjust crotch of the pants but the base structure is almost finished.
I’ve done a lo t of work so far. I’m hand sewing everything …just in case someone’s wondering.As you can see in previous post, base structure of top part is made of leaterette with emboss effect. This kind of letherette is stretch fabric… that helps a lot while doing a one piece suit like this. I was in need to add contrast … so I’ve chosen tulle net for the top to make the structure lighter  and added some black profiles at the edges. Profiles are made of black stretch letherette cutted on bias in order to follow the curves in a more natural way. Black fringe on the top part are made by ultrasuede and helps to create a fastening stistem for the back. Collar his decorated with metal beads and two kind of feathers and features the same vlack profile used at the top. I’ve also created a decoration using two tone of waxed cord, that also has the function to renforce the structure. Cord has been glued as well as the feathers. Now is better for me to go back work! XDIMG_6584