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Georgia Rain is one of my oldest doll.
She’s now actually unstrung and uncomplete, for me being so stupid.
After sending her 3 years ago to a friend to re-new her make-up,I waited to have her back for 2 years.
Finally when I got her back… her hedback and human ears was missing. So stupid me, I waited, politely asked and tried to do not broke a friendship for this. I’ve never said in public her name and the story not to ruin her make-up business… cause I’m a good friend and I try not to act like a bitch
Now 3 years passed and nothing more than empty apologies and unrespectful promises.
By the way I’d love to remember how i loved this doll when i got her directly from the hand of RikaChan ( her previuos owner) at my very first doll met in Bologna in 2006.
Now i will decide what to do to bring her to life again… a new head from old serendipty(not easy to find),an home made backplate(thanks who suggested this to me)…selling her body to science and buy the new version( it’s more poseable…yes i know but…)?
You know what …it sucks… she can be considered a hold school bjd , produced from 2003 and 2006 only ( she’s the original version from serendipity) maybe not so money worth… but she’s in mint condition and she’s a fucking piece of bjd modern history.
Trust in me i’ll never be such a moron again.
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