Hi to all my friend. I’m coming from a period away from the bjd hobby, and from my sewing activity that started in february. I’m slowly back at work. I decided to focus on my own dolls collection and stop with commissions for a while.
I’ve many neglected and lonely dolls to work on!
For example not all the people who follow harajukudoll activity knows that i have sizes other than msd in my collection of resin cuteness.
So I’m going to introduce you Hollow
Hollow is a Custom House Ange Ai Hani. I’ve had her second hand years ago and I forgot her in a box for long long time.
She has make-up and body blushing from her previous owner, that is Phantastica Aestethics, also known as Stella di Carta. She’s been made around 2007…so she’s an old child!XD
I’ve changed her cheap plastic eyes with a glass pair, but they’re not the perfec ones yet. I’ll look for a 12mm (these are 14mm) in a brillant violet color. I hope to can find a nice pair…with a good reaction to light in pictures.
She wear a wig re-arranged by me. I’ve made acrochet head cap and sewed on it some dreadlocks i’ve commissioned ages ago.
She’s a goth style kid, so even if it’s summer i’ve created for her a black outfit. Actually she wears a jumpsuit made of cotton and lace decotated with metal studs. and matching pair of dakota boots.
She still need some accessories and her own and made protection case.
I’ve not been sewing for long time… I’ve been sad and depressed…but now i’m slowly coming back…and taking care of Hollow is a good start.